Solar Panel Installation for Residential Homes in NYC

Homeowners in NYC are often told by other contractors that solar won’t work for their home. But, challenging New York City roofs are our specialty. When you go solar with us, you’ve got options — we make solar work for you. 

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Home Solar
Installation Process

Assessment and Proposal


1 WEEK A solar consultant will assess your home and energy needs, and our designers will develop a solar proposal. You’ll review your project proposal with your consultant and discuss tax credit eligibility with your accountant.

Project Initiation


1 MONTH You’ll choose your solar system’s size, sign your contract, and pay a down payment. We’ll draft a project plan set and complete a professional engineering review.

Permit Application


1 MONTH We’ll submit a stamped plan set and building and electrical permit application to NYC Department of Buildings.

4-6 WEEKS If your home is landmarked, we have an extra step to take. We’ll complete a landmarks survey of your home. Once complete, we’ll submit a visibility summary and approval request to the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

System Installation


1-3 DAYS You’ll schedule a convenient day and time, and pay the remaining installation fee. We’ll order equipment and install your solar system at your home.

Inspection and Meter Swap


2 WEEKS We’ll schedule a meter swap with Con Edison and electrical and building inspections with the DOB. You’ll provide access for the meter swap and the inspections, which are each about an hour.

Tax Season


We’ll supply state and federal tax forms. You claim your solar tax credits when you file your taxes, and repay your bridge loan if needed.

Whether you’re still considering solar or you’re gearing up for your installation, check out this video for a glimpse into what you can expect on the day of your solar installation.

Cost of A Residential Solar Installation

The average cost of a solar system installation in New York City varies depending on a number of factors, including design, size, and materials. When you go solar with us, you may choose to pay for your system upfront. But if not, you can finance your system over time with a solar loan. Once you’ve paid it off, you have free renewable energy and money back in your pocket for decades to come.

Most installers lack the specialization required to install on flat roofs in the city, meaning projects are often misquoted. Because each of our solar installations is customized, the Brooklyn SolarWorks team surveys every site before proceeding with permitting and installation. When you receive your proposal from us, it’s the real deal.

Cost of Solar in NYC

Your Solar Savings and Available Incentives

Solar incentives and sky high electricity rates make NYC one of the best solar markets in the country. Rebates and tax credits can cover up to 70% or more of gross costs for most projects, and the average system sees savings of $35,000+ overtime.

Federal Solar Income Tax Credit

Your Out-of-Pocket Cost

Up to 70% Covered

NYC Solar Property Tax Abatement

NYS Solar Income Tax Credit

NYS Solar Rebate

Solar Payback Period and Resale Value

5-8 Years

Payback Period


Increase in Property Value

Warranty & Financing Options

With a comprehensive warranty package and simple financing options available, we’ve got you and your roof covered.

30-Year Total
System Warranty

All Brooklyn SolarWorks solar systems come with an industry leading 30-year warranty that covers all aspects of the system including the panels and inverter.

Power Production

We guarantee your solar production. If your system fails to perform as expected, we’ll provide cash compensation to cover the loss in savings.

24/7 Real-Time

Systems report performance data to our monitoring staff who are notified if irregularities occur. Data is reviewed monthly to ensure systems are producing as designed. Customers can also track performance via their individual monitoring portal.

Low Cost
Financing Options

We offer low-interest financing options, allowing you to swap out your Con Edison bill with a low monthly solar payment. Why keep paying your utility bill when you can be paying off your own solar system instead?


Are solar panels worth it in NYC?


Going solar is absolutely worth it! As a New Yorker, you can take advantage of some of the best solar tax incentives in the country to cover around 70% of the cost of your installation. But that’s not all: going solar will drastically reduce your electric bill, and solar panels increase the property value of NYC homes by an average of 5.4%.

How efficient are solar panels on a flat roof?


You may have heard that it’s not worth it for solar panels to be installed on a flat roof, due to shade and lack of tilt. This is not true! When installed with the right expertise, solar panels on flat roofs perform just as well, if not better, than solar panels on pitched roofs. Flat roof solar requires specialized knowledge and installation methods, so it’s best to choose an expert installer (like us!) to get the most out of your flat roof solar installation.

Can I install my own solar panels in NYC?


To install a solar energy system on your home in NYC, you need to obtain a construction work permit and an electrical work permit from the Department of Buildings. This is a notoriously complex process, and it’s best handled by companies with the right expertise. Brooklyn SolarWorks specializes in navigating NYC’s permitting requirements so you don’t have to.

Should I replace my roof before installing solar?


Roof condition is typically not an obstacle to going solar on a flat roof. In the case that your roof needs repairs or replacement, you have options that do not prevent you from proceeding with your solar panel installation. Plus, flat roofs allow for easy maintenance after a solar installation, as opposed to pitched roofs.

Are solar batteries allowed in NYC?


Unfortunately, solar batteries are not yet allowed in New York City. The FDNY has specific policies surrounding battery installation in residential buildings that currently make obtaining a permit impossible.

Are solar panels cost effective in NY?


As a solar owner, Con Edison will award you retail credits on your bills for the excess solar power your system exports to the grid. Solar energy becomes more valuable over time as electric rates increase, meaning your savings will grow. Going solar reduces the cost per kilowatt hour of electricity to pennies, and the savings from avoiding utility rate increases typically exceeds $35,000 over time.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint & Go Solar Today

Switching to clean energy is one of the best ways to make a positive impact as a homeowner in New York City. But solar energy isn’t just good for the planet – it’s good for your wallet too.

Speak with a solar specialist to learn more about your options and start your journey to solar savings.

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