Solar Panels for Flat Roofs in NYC

NYC homeowners are often told by other contractors that they can’t go solar because their flat roofs have too much shade, too much stuff, or not enough space. Brooklyn SolarWorks has pioneered two innovative design methods that maximize solar project potential – even for “difficult” roofs that other companies simply can’t figure out.

Our patented, award-winning Brooklyn Solar Canopy elevates systems over the most obstructed surfaces, maximizing solar performance on flat roofs. Our smaller Tilt Rack installations, mounted closer to the surface, are designed to nimbly work around hatches, skylights and other common barriers for lower demand customers. With both options at our disposal, we say “yes” when other companies say “no.”

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Anatomy of a Solar System

Residential solar systems are surprisingly simple, consisting of only a few main components located on the roof and in the basement. BSW’s experienced installation team can complete a typical project in just one day with minimal disruption to your home and routine.

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