Solar Panels for Low Electricity Homes in NYC

New Yorkers are highly energy efficient relative to the national average. And particularly for homeowners who rent one or more floors to tenants – a common arrangement for NYC townhome owners – monthly ConEd bills can be quite manageable.

As a result, compared to their suburban counterparts, many local solar seekers require relatively small systems to meet their needs. However, for most solar companies small-scale installations like these are unappealing and not worth the effort.

But at BSW we see opportunity where others see inconvenience. We have made serving low energy customers a core part of our business and regularly realize projects deemed too small to install by our competitors.

Customer Experience

Anatomy of a Solar System

Residential solar systems are surprisingly simple, consisting of only a few main components located on the roof and in the basement. BSW’s experienced installation team can complete a typical project in just one day with minimal disruption to your home and routine.

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