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New York City is one of the best places in the country to go solar. As a New Yorker, switching to solar energy means rich tax incentives, relief from skyhigh electric rates, increased home value, and a reduced carbon footprint. 

Simply put, solar in NYC means savings.

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Solar Panel Installation Options
on Flat Roofs

For years, New York City was stuck in solar limbo. Despite its potential, many contractors avoided the city’s flat roofed homes due to conventional, suburban solar models being a poor fit for the urban environment.

Brooklyn SolarWorks has been built from top to bottom to close this gap. Our patented, award-winning Brooklyn Solar Canopy elevates systems over the most obstructed surfaces, maximizing solar performance on flat rooftops. Our smaller Tilt Rack installations, mounted closer to the surface, are designed to nimbly work around hatches, skylights and other common barriers for lower demand customers.

With both options at our disposal, we say “yes” to flat roofs when other solar companies say “no.”


Solar Canopy

Brooklyn Solar canopy on a flat roof
Solar canopy on a flat roof in Brooklyn
Neighboring solar canopies in NYC

Tilt Racks

Solar panels on flat roofed homes in Brooklyn
Solar panels on a flat roof in NYC
Solar panels on a townhouse in NYC

New York Solar Incentives

New York City has some of the best solar incentives in the country. The tax credits, tax exemptions, and rebates available to New Yorkers can cover around more than 75% of the gross cost of a residential solar project.

You may already be aware of the Federal Solar Income Tax Credit or the New York State Solar Income Tax Credit, but there are excellent local incentives to take advantage of too. Plus, with a program called net metering, your electricity bill will be drastically reduced or even eliminated.

Available Incentives

Cost of Solar Power in NYC

The average cost of a solar system installation in New York City varies depending on a number of factors, including design, size, and materials. Every solar system we install is custom-designed to fit your home’s needs and maximize your roof’s solar potential.

The solar tax incentives available to New Yorkers can cover more than 75% of the total cost of your solar system come tax season. Plus going solar means cutting your monthly electricity bill and increasing your home value. Simply put, solar makes financial sense.

Solar Cost

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Now is the perfect time to go solar and local installer Brooklyn SolarWorks makes it easy. Reduce your electric bill and take advantage of tax incentives while they’re at their peak. The future of NYC is clean energy – join your neighbors and get started today!

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