Cost of Solar Panels in NYC

The average cost of a solar system installation in New York City varies depending on a number of factors, including design, size, and materials. Most installers lack the specialization required to install on flat roofs in the city, meaning projects are often misquoted.

When you go solar with us, you may choose to pay for your system upfront. But if not, there are low-interest financing options available. Choosing to finance your system over time means you can simply swap out your Con Edison bill with a low monthly solar payment. Once you’ve paid off the loan, you have free renewable energy and money back in your pocket for decades to come. 

Why continue paying the utility company every month when you could be paying off your own rooftop solar system instead?

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How Solar Installation Pricing is Determined

Every solar system we install is custom-designed to fit your home’s needs and maximize your roof’s solar potential. This means that the cost of each project is customized too. 

Our solar installation pricing varies depending on different factors but is largely determined by system size. Larger systems with more solar panels, like our Brooklyn Solar Canopy systems, will carry a higher price tag, but also yield greater energy production. The total cost of your solar project also includes the labor costs, materials and equipment. 

Because each of our solar installations is customized, the Brooklyn SolarWorks team surveys every site before proceeding with permitting and installation. When you receive your system design and proposal from us, it’s the real deal. 

A flat roof solar panel in NYC.

Solar Panel Financing Options

When you go solar with Brooklyn SolarWorks, you’ll own your system outright. We do not offer solar panel leasing – it just doesn’t make sense! 

The solar tax incentives available to New Yorkers can cover around 70 percent of the total cost of your solar system come tax season. But for that remaining 30 percent, the way you pay is up to you. 

There are a number of financing options available – you may choose to pay in cash up front or finance it over time.

Solar Means Savings

Utility rates in NYC are some of the highest in the country – and the cost of electricity is on the rise. As a solar owner, you’ll remain connected to the grid. But thankfully, Con Edison awards retail credits for the excess solar power your system exports to the grid through a program called net metering. This means that the solar energy your system produces translates to savings on your monthly electric bill. 

Plus – solar energy becomes more valuable over time as electric rates increase, meaning your savings will grow. Going solar reduces the cost per kilowatt hour of electricity to pennies, and the savings from avoiding utility rate increases typically exceeds $35,000 over time.

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It's the Perfect Time to Go Solar

Increasing electric rates and financial incentives make NYC one of the best places in the country to go solar right now. Not only will solar cut your electric bill, but it can increase your home value in NYC too. Not to mention switching to clean energy means reducing your carbon footprint and protecting your community. 

The federal, state and local solar incentives available to New York homeowners can cover up to 70 percent of the cost of your solar panel installation. The federal solar tax credit, New York State solar tax credit, and other local incentives make solar very affordable for New Yorkers.

But, solar policies are ever-changing. We want you to take advantage of these great tax credits and rebates while they’re still at their peak. Learn more about the incentives your solar panel system could qualify for.

NY Solar Incentives

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Brooklyn SolarWorks is a solar company with NYC’s flat roofs in mind. We provide industry-leading customer service and warranties, and the best types of solar panels and inverters for the NYC market.

Brooklyn SolarWorksOther Solar Installers

Panel Wattage

400W+370W or less

Panel & Inverter Warranty

30 year total system warranty25 years

Power Production Guarantee

If your system underperforms, we fix it and compensate you for the loss in savings.

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To us, “local” means installing solar for our neighbors. BSW is proud to be Brooklyn-based, and is focused entirely on adding solar to our city’s skyline.

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Flat Roof Specialists

Most installers focus on pitched suburban rooftops. Flat roofs require special skill & attention to detail. We’ve patented flat roof solar solutions in NYC, for NYC.

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