If you’re looking for a solar installer in New York City, you may be wondering whether it’s best to choose a large, national solar company or a smaller local installer. Like any home improvement project, choosing the right contractor will determine the outcome and your overall customer satisfaction. 

Here in New York City, solar energy installation is much different than the rest of the country, and requires certain expertise – and that’s where local installers come in! There are a number of benefits to using a local solar installer in NYC. Read to learn why.

Local Solar Installer vs. National Companies

The U.S. solar industry is a mix of large solar companies that install nationwide, and many smaller companies that install in different regions or metropolitan areas. Some of the big names you may come across when searching for solar installers are Sunrun, SunPower Solar, and Tesla Solar. Depending on your area, you’ll most likely also find a number of local and regional companies of varying sizes.

The type of solar installer you choose to work with is a big factor in determining your experience as a customer, as well as the solar energy system you end up with and how much it’ll cost. This is especially true in a place like New York City, where there are inherent system design challenges and lots of regulatory hoops to jump through. 

The truth is, the national company that installs solar power in the suburbs of Texas, California, and Florida, is not going to have the design and regulatory expertise that a solar installer local to NYC does.

How to Know if a Solar Company is in Your Local Area

To know if a solar company is local or not, you can simply take a look at their service area and where their office is based. There are a number of different companies in the NYC metropolitan area that claim to be local to the five boroughs, but are based in Long Island, New Jersey, or upstate New York. Brooklyn SolarWorks has been based in and servicing NYC since it was founded.

Another clue is what a company’s work looks like. If you’re a resident of Park Slope, Bed-Stuy, or Harlem, you’re very familiar with what houses in your area look like: brownstones and townhouses attached to neighboring homes with, by and large, flat roofs. This is our bread and butter, and by taking a quick look around our website or social media, this will become clear. 

Many of the larger regional and national companies feature photos of solar panels on suburban, single-family homes with shingled, pitched roofs detached from their neighbors (not the most common sight in the five boroughs).

  • Flat roof solar systems on neighboring homes in NYC.

Benefits of Working with a Local NYC Solar Installer

New York City’s architecture is as unique and diverse as its people. And for that reason, there are unique considerations to be made when installing a solar panel system here. Here are a few of the many benefits to using a local solar installer in NYC.

Personalized Service for NYC Homeowners

Being a local solar installer means more to us than simply servicing the five boroughs. It means developing unique designs that fit the needs of each customer. It means having an unmatched knowledge of city architecture, building codes, and FDNY regulations, and knowing how to navigate them to get each project done. 

All of this allows us to provide unrivaled knowledge and service to our customers and an extremely high quality product. When you receive a proposal from us, it’s personalized to your home, roof, and energy needs. Because our team is headquartered in NYC, we have the ability to assess every home prior to proceeding with the installation. 

In many cases, larger national companies will propose solar designs that end in canceled projects, regulatory issues, or additional expenses because they didn’t assess the roof or don’t know quite how to navigate NYC regulations. In other cases, customers are left in the lurch when issues come up after the installation.

Because we pride ourselves on providing feasible solar proposals from the jump, we’re able to reduce change orders and get all of the necessary permits through the regulatory process seamlessly. And once your system is up and running, we have staff on-call to help with any issues or questions you may have.

Local Knowledge of NYC Regulations and Incentives

Since 2015, we’ve specialized in residential, flat roof solar installations. And for us, it’s a turnkey process. That means it’s on us to obtain all of the necessary permits and approvals from various city entities prior to the installation. 

You’d be surprised how many city agencies we’re required to get approvals from before installing a solar system – in fact, the entire process takes an average of three months from contract signing. From the FDNY, to the Department of Buildings, to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, to Con Edison, it’s a lot of paperwork. But we’ve developed an unparalleled mastery of all of it, and built strong working relationships with each agency. Over the years, we’ve managed to get the process down like clockwork.

Not only that, but we’re very knowledgeable when it comes to the unique financial incentives that are available to New York City homeowners who go solar. For example, there’s not only a federal solar tax credit, but also a NYS solar tax credit and a NYC property tax abatement too. Have questions about how net metering will change your energy costs and electric bills from Con Ed? Ask us!

Timely Installation and Customer Service

If timely, reliable service is what you’re looking for, local is the way to go. We can complete most solar panel installations within one to two days, depending on the project and weather. Should any issues arise during or after the installation, we’re just a quick drive away and will resolve it as soon as we can. Our proximity to our customers allows us to provide high quality installation, monitoring, and aftercare services that are unlike any other company in the area. 

Unfortunately, bigger companies don’t always provide the same kind of service. We’ve heard many stories of people struggling to get in touch with these national companies when they have post-installation issues. 

When you go solar with us, we’ll be monitoring your system’s performance 24/7 and will be ready to take your call if you ever have any questions or concerns about your system. It’s important to us to maintain good relationships with our customers for the long-term – we’re your neighbors after all!

Supporting a local installer means supporting a team of your neighbors.

Support for NYC Economy

Supporting local businesses is critical for the local economy. When you buy solar from us, you’re supporting a team of over 70 fellow New Yorkers and helping to create more job opportunities for others. Buying solar locally means not only investing in our mission to spread renewable energy, but also in the city as a whole.

Positive Environmental Impact for NYC Residents

Choosing to power your home with solar will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. But buying solar from a local company will maximize that impact. Buying locally reduces emissions, largely from transportation – our crews are coming to you from Gowanus, not from out in Long Island or New Jersey. Plus, most of our employees take public transit or bike to the office – which is powered by clean energy! 

Not only that, but our leadership team is on the frontlines of New York solar policy, working to advance solar adoption throughout the city and state. Improving sustainability and climate resiliency in New York City is personal for us, and that’s why we do what we do.

National Companies Installing Solar in NYC

If you’re looking into solar in the NYC area, you’ll likely come across a few national solar companies that service the five boroughs. These companies might be:

  • Sunrun
  • SunPower Solar (owner of regional dealers including Empower Solar, Kamtech Solar, and Sea Bright Solar)
  • Tesla Solar

These big names are recognized as leaders in solar, but are also synonymous with “big box” solar and aggressive marketing tactics. We want to emphasize that solar in New York City is unique, and a big box approach is not the best fit. We’ve heard countless stories from customers that they were told by these companies, for example, that their flat roofs aren’t compatible with solar (they totally are) or that solar battery systems, like Tesla Powerwalls, are permitted (they are not yet allowed in NYC due to FDNY regulations).

If you’re a homeowner here, we urge you to speak with a local installer who understands your home and your city.

Start the Solar Process Today with a Local Installer!

Solar is an investment unlike any other home improvement project. It’s important to work with a contractor who will get your project done right, and make sure it provides the best return possible. In New York City, that means working with a local installer.

Brooklyn SolarWorks was founded in New York City, for New York City, and we’d love to help you go solar. Get started by scheduling a free consultation today!

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