If you’re a resident of New York City, you’re likely a customer of Con Edison. And you most likely didn’t have a choice in the matter! We won’t sugarcoat it – if you’re looking for alternatives to Con Edison in NYC, there’s unfortunately not many. Read on to learn about why this is, and why solar is the key to energy independence for New Yorkers.

New York Energy Rates

Compared to the rest of the country, New Yorkers are very energy efficient. Yet, New York energy rates are some of the highest electricity rates anywhere in the US. Why is that?

New York City uses the majority of the state’s electricity in a small, densely populated area. Demand for energy is very high in an area that cannot supply it through local power plants, meaning power must come from further upstate. On top of that, NYC’s energy infrastructure is complex and largely outdated, meaning Con Ed is continually making upgrades – the costs of which are passed onto consumers.

Combine that with the fact that the majority of the state’s electricity is powered by fossil fuels, you’re going to get high Con Ed bills (that only continue to get higher).

Why Shop NYC Energy Suppliers?

When it comes to electricity rates, there’s two different factors to keep in mind: delivery and supply. Con Edison is responsible for delivering New York City’s electricity, meaning they transport it to your home and maintain the city’s energy infrastructure to keep power flowing. On the other hand, supply refers to where your power actually comes from.

NYC Con Edison energy bill showing supply and delivery charges for electricity
A residential Con Edison bill showing the breakdown of supply and delivery charges.

Con Ed has control over delivery charges: the costs associated with transporting your electricity. However, it does not have control over supply costs, which was the main driver behind the most recent Con Ed bill increases – as the war in Ukraine threatened US energy supply, consumers saw the price of energy rise across the board.

Con Ed may not have control over supply costs, but you do. Rather than purchasing your energy supply from Con Edison, you can choose to use an energy service company (ESCO) or produce it yourself by installing solar panels on your home.

The benefits of looking into these Con Ed alternatives are clear:

  • Cut down on monthly electricity bills
  • Gain energy independence
  • Power your home with clean energy

Con Ed Alternatives for NYC


If you’re shopping around for alternative utility companies in NYC, you may come across the name PSEG. Be advised: this is the utility responsible for delivering electricity to Long Island and parts of the Rockaways. By and large, it is not available as an alternative option for New Yorkers.

National Grid

You might come across the name National Grid if you’re shopping around, or may even be a customer already. National Grid is a supplier of gas, not electricity. Depending on where you live in the city, your home or building’s heating system and appliances may be powered by gas from National Grid. But it is not an option as an electric utility.

Energy Service Company (ESCO)

One of your main alternatives to Con Edison is choosing to use an ESCO. ESCOs are companies that supply electricity and natural gas to residences in New York, often offering lower rates, fixed costs, or clean energy options. If you search for ESCOs in Brooklyn, you’ll see an extensive list of providers with various offers.

Con Edison’s website gives customers the option to search for ESCOs in their area.

ESCOs often seem like an attractive option to Con Ed customers who want to cut costs and reduce their use of fossil fuels. But if you’re looking for an ESCO, it’s important to be discerning about the arrangement you’re getting into. Be aware that they can often be more expensive than retail rates, and may not guarantee fixed rates. They may entice you with the possibility of using clean energy, but may not be upfront about where their energy actually comes from.

If you choose to use an ESCO, you’ll still receive bills from Con Edison. ESCOs only change where you get your energy from, not how it’s delivered. ESCOs are an alternative if you’d like to change your power source, but don’t give you a ton of independence.

Solar Energy

If you’re a homeowner in NYC, the best alternative to Con Edison is home solar. When you install solar on your home, you become your own energy provider. No fees, no contracts – just clean energy from the sun, powering your home for decades.

Through a program called net metering, you can export excess electricity that your solar system produces back into the grid and Con Ed will compensate you through retail credits on your monthly energy bills. This way, the average residential customer in NYC can not only completely cover their energy needs, but also bank credits that are usable for 20 years (!).

We’ve helped over 1,500 homes in NYC switch to solar and unlock decades of energy savings. Want to know if your home is right for solar? Schedule your free consultation & home assessment today.

Net metering summary solar in nyc
A NYC solar owner’s Con Edison bill showing two year’s worth of net metering credits.

Benefits of Renewable Energy

At the end of the day, a major factor in rising energy costs is the volatility of fossil fuel prices. Around 70 percent of NYC’s energy supply comes from natural gas, and until that changes, utility costs will continue to get more expensive and fluctuate with energy market conditions.

As a homeowner, making investments in renewable energy isn’t just good for the environment – it’s a smart financial move too. Benefits include:

  • Cutting down on monthly electricity bills
  • Reducing your personal carbon footprint
  • Gaining energy independence
  • Collecting government tax credits
  • Raising your home value

Learn More About Solar Energy

Unfortunately, there are not many alternatives to Con Edison in NYC. But if you’re a homeowner looking to cut costs and make your home more sustainable, look no further than solar energy. 

Interested in learning about what solar power could do for your home? Schedule your free consultation & home assessment today.

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