With continuous utility bill hikes and a growing urgency for sustainability, many New Yorkers are considering the shift to solar power. But is solar truly worth it in New York City? Despite its urban landscape, NYC offers unique opportunities for solar energy adoption, promising significant financial savings, environmental benefits, and increased property value.

Read on to explore why investing in solar power can be a smart and rewarding choice for New York City homeowners and businesses.

Benefits of Solar Power in NYC

Regardless of your location or building type, there are a number of benefits to going solar:

Financial Savings

One of the most compelling reasons to switch to solar power is for the significant financial savings. By generating your own electricity with solar energy you’ll be able to reduce or even eliminate your average electric bill charges. This is possible because of Con Ed’s net metering program. With net metering, you’ll receive retail energy credits on your monthly bills for any excess energy that your system exports to the grid. These credits are used at times when your system isn’t producing as much energy, like at night or in the winter.

Over time, these savings add up, offsetting the initial cost of installation and providing a rich return on investment.

Environmental Impact

Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source that reduces our reliance on fossil fuels. By installing solar panels on your home, co-op, or business, , you can help decrease greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable environment.

environmental statistics of homeowners with solar in new york city.

With every solar system installed in NYC, we become that much closer to reaching our climate goals.

Solar Tax Credits & Rebates

New York City offers some of the best solar incentives in the country. Depending on your building, you could save 75% or more on your upfront solar installation costs. With the help of solar incentives like the NYS solar income tax credit, NYSERDA Solar Rebate, and more, solar is becoming a more accessible option for many NYC residents.

Want to see how much you can save by going solar? Schedule a free consultation with our local solar experts!

Boost Property Value

Homes and businesses with solar power systems often see an increase in property value. Potential buyers are attracted to the long-term energy savings and environmental benefits, making solar-powered properties more appealing on the market. In a 2019 Zillow study, it was found that homes with solar panels in NYC sell for 5.4% more on average than comparable homes without them. This translated to an additional $37,800 on the median sales price in NYC.

2019 zillow study showing that solar increase property value.

Job Creation

The solar industry is a growing field that creates jobs in installation, maintenance, manufacturing, and more. By going solar, you’re not only benefiting yourself but also contributing to local economic growth.

Team photo of the Brooklyn solarworks crew in gowanus brooklyn surrounded by solar panels.

Our growing team is made up of 80 of your fellow New Yorkers. When you support a local installer like us, you’re supporting the local economy too.

Is Solar Power Worth it in New York City?

Solar power is definitely worth it, but every building is different and therefore has different solar potential. Here are the factors that come into play to determine if it’s worth it:

Sun Exposure

For solar panels to be effective, they need adequate sun exposure. In NYC, tall buildings and trees can create shading issues, reducing the efficiency of your solar panels.

In order to calculate how much sun your roof gets all year round, Brooklyn SolarWorks’ solar specialists will conduct a roof assessment to ensure your roof gets enough sunlight to get you the most savings.

photo taken through suneye tool to determine how much sun a roof get all year round in Brooklyn NYC.

To figure out how much sunlight a roof gets throughout the day, our Site Evaluation team uses a tool called a Suneye.

Available Roof Space

New York City has a very unique landscape. A lot of the local homes have small or obstructed roofs. A few obstructions that we have to be aware of include skylights, fire escapes, hatches, and HVAC equipment.

On top of this, we have to abide by local fire codes which require a certain amount of setbacks from any obstructions and enough room for a 6-foot wide fire path that runs from the front to the back of the building. If there’s not enough space to install a sufficient solar system after these restrictions, it may not be worth the investment.

Luckily, Brooklyn SolarWorks and sister company Brooklyn Solar Canopy Co. came up with the perfect solution for the rooftops of NYC residents. The solar canopy!

Two solar canopies in Harlem, New York.

The solar canopy was created to maximize your available roof space, giving more homeowners the opportunity to go solar.

Energy Usage

Your energy consumption plays a crucial role in determining the financial viability of solar power. If your energy usage is low, the savings might not justify the installation costs. On the other hand, if you have high energy usage but limited roof space, it may also be challenging to achieve significant savings.

Brooklyn SolarWorks evaluates each home to make sure that going solar is the right choice for the homeowner. Find out if solar is the right choice for you by scheduling a free consultation!

Cost of Installation

The cost of installation varies for each project. Luckily, NYC is one of the most incentive-rich areas in the country and can offset the cost of your installation by 75% or more. These include:

  • NYS Solar Income Tax Credit: This credit allows homeowners to claim 25% of their solar energy system costs, up to a maximum of $5,000, as a state income tax credit.
  • NYSERDA Solar Rebate: The rebate for residential projects in NYC is currently $0.20 per Watt.
  • NYC Property Tax Abatement: This incentive allows NYC homeowners to claim 30% of solar energy system costs as a property tax abatement with the NYC Department of Finance.
  • NYS Historic Homeownership Rehabilitation Tax Credit: This tax credit is only available for residences in qualifying historic districts and census tracts. For historic homeowners wanting to go solar in eligible areas, this tax credit covers 20% of installation costs.
  • Federal Solar Tax Credit: This credit allows homeowners to deduct up to 30% of their solar system installation costs from their federal income tax.

There’s a lot of wonderful incentives and it can be a little overwhelming. Brooklyn SolarWorks can help you navigate these incentives to reduce your solar installation costs.

Building or Regulatory Restrictions

Depending on the type of home or building you live in, there may be some restrictions to consider. For example, living in a co-op or condo with a board or homeowner’s association can complicate the decision-making process (but doesn’t make going solar impossible).

In addition, NYC has strict regulations for landmarked buildings, where the solar installation cannot be visible from the street level. It’s crucial to work with a local installer, like Brooklyn SolarWorks, who understands these requirements and can ensure your installation meets all necessary codes.

How to Get Started with Solar Energy in NYC

Assess Your Property

Schedule a free consultation with us to determine if your home is suitable for solar power. We’ll evaluate factors like sun exposure, roof space, and energy usage to provide a comprehensive assessment and see how much your home could save with solar.

Brooklyn SolarWorks site assessors checking out a roof in NYC.
Brooklyn SolarWorks site evaluators on a NYC rooftop!

Find a Qualified Installer

New York City’s landscape for solar is unique compared to the rest of the country. This makes it essential to work with a reputable local installer who knows how to navigate local regulations and building codes rather than a national company. Choose Brooklyn SolarWorks to ensure a smooth and compliant installation process.

Go Solar with NYC’s Local Experts

Ready to explore solar power for your property? Contact Brooklyn SolarWorks to find out if your home or business is a good candidate for solar energy. Our team of solar experts will guide you through the process, from assessment to installation, ensuring you collect all the solar benefits you can in New York City.

Get your free solar consultation today with NYC’s favorite local solar installer, Brooklyn SolarWorks.

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