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Solar panels on neighboring flat roof homes in NYC.
Solar panels on neighboring flat roof homes in NYC.

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Net Metering

Solar isn’t just good for the planet…it’s good for your wallet too.

Net metering is one of the best financial benefits of going solar. It is a billing mechanism that allows you to store your solar energy as a retail energy credit to be used at a later date.

As a residential solar owner, you remain connected to the grid. When your solar PV system is installed, a net meter is installed with it. This net meter tells the utility company how much energy your solar system is exporting to the grid. During the day, your solar system will likely produce a lot more energy than you’re actually using. All of that excess energy feeds back into the grid, and Con Edison will compensate you for it in retail energy credits applied to your future bills.

In this way, net metering in its current form could be considered a virtual battery. It allows you to utilize your solar production even when the sun isn’t shining.

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NYC Solar Tax Incentives

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BSW took care of everything and made it easy. And they were Brooklyn cool while doing it!Nick, Prospect Heights
Great people. Excellent service. Committed to installing high quality solar in Brooklyn. They know how to get residential solar done in this complicated market. Watching the install crew on my roof was like watching a ballet. Gabe, Bed-Stuy