Does Tesla customize their solar solution for each home?

The answer is no. The company uses a standardized approach to Tesla solar roof sales, offering four system capacity options. This has simplified their sales process, but goes against the industry-standard customized sales approach. Typically a customer’s system will match their system production to energy consumption. Tesla solar roof runs a greater risk of inaccurately sizing the system. Therefore production may not fully offset a customer’s energy consumption.

Unlike suburban family homes, many NYC solar seekers require relatively small systems to meet their needs. At BSW we see opportunity in custom jobs. We have made serving low energy customers a core part of our business and regularly realize projects deemed too small or too large to install by our competitors. Our goal is to ensure that your system matches up to your specific usage.

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Where does Tesla install?

Tesla’s website accepts orders for its retrofit solar panels in 24 locations. They list Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington.

FDNY fire code does not allow for installing Tesla’s Powerwall battery which collects excess solar energy that has been produced.

Does Tesla install on flat roof buildings?

Unfortunately for homeowners with flat roofs, Tesla’s solar roof will not be an option. The minimum roof pitch eligible for a solar roof installation is 3:12 (or 14 degrees). This puts the Tesla solar roof at a disadvantage considering standard solar panels can work on all roof types. The most effective solar option on flat roofs is either a tilt rack system or a solar canopy.

Solar production aside, we do not recommend solar tiles for flat roofs due to waterproofing issues. 

BSW’s solar canopy elevates solar arrays 9 feet above the roof surface, obstructions, fire paths, shade & amenities. This strategy maximizes solar performance on otherwise unworkable or flat roofs.

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Tesla roof tiles vs. REC solar panels?

REC stands by its products with a 25 year performance warranty. They guarantee a power output of 92% on REC Alpha panels after 25 years. Unlike the Hanwha 315 tiles used for Tesla’s solar roof, the expected lifetime of REC panels has been field tested. See below for a direct comparison.

REC solar panels compared to Hanwha 315 solar panels

If you want to own a Tesla solar roof, you’ll need to provide a large payout. Not to mention – a huge amount of patience, as it could take years for the solar roof to get installed. Another point to note is that roof tiles replace an existing roof. This narrows the market to homeowners who either need a new roof or are willing to pay to remove a perfectly good roof and replace it with tiles. For flat roof homeowners, this is not a concern since flat roofs do not require traditional roofing to begin with. 

Rooftop solar can be completed in just a few months for New Yorkers. Our turnkey process and strong relationships with city departments makes qualifying, permitting, and installing a breeze. Not to mention our competitive warranties and product quality. We’re very proud to extend to local homeowners the convenience, environmental impact and attractive financial return that solar ownership promises.

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