For the former Vice President, global warming is an era-defining challenge, and combating it is an economic opportunity.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden knows there is no greater challenge facing our country and our world than climate change. His plan connects tackling climate change with the economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis, while also addressing racism. Now that’s something we can get behind.

Biden’s Build Back Better plan ensures that – coming out of this profound public health and economic crisis, and facing the persistent climate crisis – we are never caught flat-footed again. This ambition leverages commitments made under NYC’s landmark Climate Mobilization Act, the greatest decarbonization law at the municipal level nationwide.

Clean Energy for Biden solar panels

Brooklyn SolarWorks is proud to be a part of Clean Energy for Biden. This is a network of 7,000+ clean energy professionals, advocates, and business leaders. We’re motivated by our shared values, beliefs and commitment to electing Joe Biden as President of the United States.

At our core, BSW is dedicated to furthering clean energy solutions for New York City. We want to ensure that solar and other sustainable alternatives are accessible and at the forefront. We’ve seen the need for a more resilient economy for the long-term, and that means investing in a modern, sustainable infrastructure and sustainable engines of growth. Biden will soon release updated proposals to meet the climate crisis, build a clean energy economy,  address environmental injustice, and create millions of good-paying union jobs.

Clean Energy for Biden panel

On September 14th, BSW CEO T.R. Ludwig joined other prominent NYC sustainability leaders for a Clean Energy for Biden virtual fundraising panel. This was held in support of Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Kamala Harris and their ambitious environmental justice agenda. Panelists included Costa Constantinides, NYC Council Member & Environmental Protection Committee Chairman, Tonya Gayle, Chief Development Officer at Green City Force, and Marcela Mulholland, Deputy Director for Climate at Data for Progress.

This was an intimate conversation on NYC jobs, justice, and the role of policy when it comes to addressing climate change. The discussion ranged from the realities of food desserts in our city to the need for more solar & green roof development. Everyone agreed that the Trump administration is taking the nation backward on clean energy and will continue to do so if given the opportunity. 

Top Quotes

“If we’re able to replace Rikers with clean energy, we will be able to create enough energy to close every peaker plant in NY that has opened in the past 20 years.” – Costa Constantinides, Council member for the 22nd District of the New York City Council

“For as much as you may see electric vans, you’ll be seeing much more solar and renewable energy. It’s going to be a staple business for the future. Why would you waste the beautiful sun on our roofs?” – T.R. Ludwig, CEO of Brooklyn SolarWorks

“Making climate a central issue in the general election is extremely favorable for Biden to be campaigning on.” – Marcella Mulholland, Deputy Director for Climate at Data for Progress

Phone Banking

Brooklyn SolarWorks staff members are participating in weekly virtual phone banks with the National Clean Energy for Biden organization. Volunteers call in battleground states to both sway undecided voters and help decided voters make plans for election day. Weekly phone banking efforts are led by the national team. There are guest from the industry to discuss why this election result is vital for clean energy supporters. Last week Jigar Shah spoke to provide insight and get everyone in the spirit!

Want to join us in our virtual phone banking efforts? Email francesca@brooklynsolarworks.com to get on board!

Clean Energy for Biden phone banking

Ways to Show Support

If you have any interest in supporting Clean Energy for Biden, there are plenty of opportunities. Voter outreach events are scheduled throughout the fall, leading up to the election. There are various fundraising events featuring renowned panelists that are leaders within government, climate change, renewable energy, education, and cinema. Please consider joining this organized effort to elect Joe Biden and prioritize the advancement of policies, technologies and investments to address the climate crisis.

Clean Energy for Biden supporters

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