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Solar spreads by word of mouth which explains why 90% of our 600+ completed projects are located within just 15 Brooklyn zip codes. BSW’s hyper local focus translates into a deep familiarity with and connection to the communities that we serve. Our experienced installation team can complete a typical project in just one day with minimal disruption to your home and routine. Below, we’ll explain why BSW is the only Brooklyn solar provider that’s qualified to make solar work on flat roof homes.

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Steps to Residential Solar Installation

Assessment & Proposal

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Project Initiation
(1 Month)

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Permit Application
(1 Month)

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System Installation
(1-3 Days)

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Inspection & Meter Swap
(2 Weeks)

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Tax Season

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Assessment & Proposal

BSW survey specialist completes 1-hour home assessment; You review project proposal with BSW solar consultant, and discuss tax credit eligibility with your accountant.

Project Initiation
(1 Month)

You choose solar system size, sign contract, pay $3,000 down payment; BSW drafts project plan set and completes professional engineering review.

Permit Application
(1 Month)

BSW submits stamped plan set and building and electrical permit application to NYC Department of Buildings; awaits approval.

System Installation
(1-3 Days)

You schedule convenient day/time & pay remaining installation fee; BSW orders equipment, installs solar system at your home.

Inspection & Meter Swap
(2 Weeks)

BSW schedules ConEd meter swap and DOB electrical and building inspections; You provide access for swap and inspections (1 hour each).

Tax Season

BSW supplies state and federal tax forms; You claim solar tax credits (& repay bridge loan if needed).

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Solar Incentive Experts

Solar incentives and sky high electricity rates make NYC one of the best solar markets in the country. Rebates and tax credits can cover up to 70% or more of gross costs for most projects.

Below are the four current incentives that NYC homeowners may be eligible for:

  • NYC Solar Property Tax Abatement
  • NYS Solar Income Tax Credit
  • NYS Solar Rebate
  • Federal Solar Income Tax Credit

Environmental Benefits of Solar

By going solar, you can reduce demand for fossil fuels, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and shrink your carbon footprint. One home installing a solar energy system can have a measurable effect on the environment.

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Solar Options

Making residential solar work in Brooklyn requires creative design and installation approaches. Other Brooklyn solar providers have embraced methods and practices that were developed for the suburban customer and home, making the unique features of the urban built environment a poor fit for conventional business models.  We have found a way to match the diversity of the local building stock while continuing to meet specific client needs.

Challenging Roofs

Challenging Roof Projects

We say​ yes​ when other Brooklyn solar providers say ​no.​ Homeowners are often told by other contractors that they can’t go solar because their flat roofs have too much shade, too much stuff, or not enough space. We have pioneered two innovative design methods that maximize solar project potential – even for “difficult” roofs that other Brooklyn solar providers simply can’t figure out.

  • Our patented, award-winning ​Brooklyn Solar Canopy​ elevates solar systems over the most obstructed surfaces, maximizing solar performance on otherwise unworkable or flat roofs.
  • Our smaller Tilt Rack installations, mounted closer to the surface, are designed to nimbly work around hatches, skylights and other common barriers for lower demand customers.

Low Demand

Installed Panel

New Yorkers are highly energy efficient relative to the national average. Particularly for homeowners who rent one or more floors to tenants, monthly ConEd bills can be quite manageable. As a result, many local solar seekers require relatively small systems to meet their needs. However, for most Brooklyn solar providers small-scale installations like these are unappealing and not worth the effort. But at BSW we see opportunity where others see inconvenience. We have made serving low energy customers a core part of our business and regularly realize projects deemed too small to install by other Brooklyn solar providers.



Landmark status used to be considered disqualifying for solar. Not anymore. That’s because we’ve developed zero visibility installation methods and have mastered the City’s complex landmarks design and application rules. As a result solar is not only possible on these formerly “no go” properties; but landmarked homes are now among our most common project types in Park Slope, Bedford Stuyvesant, Sunset Park and other historic neighborhoods.

Living Space

Installed Panels

Square footage is a cherished asset in Brooklyn, and rooftops are the new frontier for claiming more of it. Considering a deck or green roof, and wondering how solar can fit into your plans? Don’t worry, you can have both. Our patented and award-winning ​Brooklyn Solar Canopy​ both creates space for the amenity of your choice, while also enhancing it with shade, rain protection.

Co-Ops and Condos

Living Space With Panels

Most Brooklyn homeowners live in multi-family buildings, such as co-ops, condos and rental properties. Whether for shared common area demand only or for individual unit consumption, BSW can offer different solar models that match your board’s specific goals and priorities. And since multi-family residents and property owners can take advantage of the same local, state and federal tax credits available to single-family homeowners, solar offers an impressive return while ​boosting overall property value​.